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May 16

Just in time for summer…

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A stunning tropical flower arrangement and two others from BiZi Bee Floral. I don’t use black backgrounds as often for flower photography, but in this case they helped balance the brighter colors.

May 2

Hearts & Flowers

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Meet vocalist Jane Bakken, a recent headshot client of mine. Her new music CD, featuring headshots and design by yours truly, will be shipping around the country in the next two months. A bucket of roses served as the backdrop for this shot, and you can see another of Jane’s photos in the portrait gallery.

Apr 22

DJ Martini

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While shooting the Miss Bronze & Fit competition (see previous post), I happened to meet DJ Martini. Instantly recognizable by his trademark neon martini glass, this guy posed an interesting challenge to shoot. He was perched at the top of a small ledge, requiring me to haul my equipment up a small metal ladder. Give his webpage a visit if you’ve got time.

Apr 16

First post!

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The ImageGarden blog has arrived! Today I think I’ll talk about a fun little gig I had shooting the Miss Bronze & Fit Competition, hosted by Club Fuel in downtown Seattle. Miss B&F is a bikini competition sponsored by Freedom Fitness Gym, one of the city’s best spots to work out. Anyway, I’m sure you’d rather look at pictures of a bikini contest than read about it, so on with the show:

The contest was divided into three parts. During the first and third parts, the contestants wore regular bikinis, and in the second they donned sports-themed outfits. Props to Drew DeVry, the owner of Freedom Fitness, for making this possible!